Kirby CMS, day 1

Well it’s not really day one. I bought Kirby v3 back in 2020 according to the license hub, but so far I haven’t managed to build anything.

The real reason for this is I’ve spent most of my time building client sites, or plugins for WordPress. It’s fine, but after well over 10 years I fancied something new, and I love the indie approach of Kirby. The flat file instead of a database intrigued me too, so I decided that was going to be the way I built the next website for my business, brandedPixels.

So I’ve spun up three directories within Herd on macOS. I’ve got the starter-kit, the pain-kit, and a plain-kit where I’d started to put together the blueprints etc for my new site. It doesn’t have to be super complicated, just case studies, profile, contact form, usual stuff. I want to use CSS grid for layout, and keep markup to a minimum.

This is looking like a lot at the outset. I’m pretty sure that it will get easier the more I play with this, it’s just a different way of working – one of the reason I decided to go the Kirby route instead of just building “yet another site” in my page builder of choice, Elementor. I want to keep the design and content separate to be more “future friendly” (I know I can use the awesome ACF and hook it up to a page builder, but I want more control).

I’ve just registered on the Kirby forum, and in there I found the link to the Panel showcase site that has been mentioned in the newsletter before (I should have bookmarked it Kirby Sites)