So, it’s been a while

Time for an overhaul. I probably won’t get to it until early next year the way work is at the moment, but it’s time to consolidate a few things, maybe try out a new platform (looking at either Kirby or Eleventy at the moment).

In the meantime I’m active on Mastodon over at


Friday link pack #8

The Bond themes that could have been.

Michael Hawley has died. I hadn’t heard his name before (not that I can recollect anyway) but wow, what a life:

A man of manifold interests, his achievements ranged from developing ideas behind the so-called Internet of Things to publishing the world’s biggest book.

A lot of the expected Apple Silicon articles doing the rounds, but I particularly enjoyed reading this one.

Making music in Excel


“One day I’ll create a proper blog for myself”


One day.

When I get a spare hour or two.

When I decide which static site generator I want to use.

After a long time reading other indie blogs I decided to just go for it. Basic WP theme, no bells and whistles, just content that I’ve found or written in an easy to administer format.

So here we go for 2020, and yes I’m even using Gutenberg 😎.