Friday link pack #3

Location data of phones on a Florida beach during Spring Break
via The Loop

Life size pizza table and meatball pizza
via Under Consideration

Quarantined photographer executes fantastic FaceTime fashion shoot
via Cult Of Mac

‘RoboCop 2’: The crazy story of how Cain got his CG puppeteered head
“What’s ironic about that is – the stop-motion that Tippett Studio did in RoboCop 2 is astounding. In my opinion, Cain is the pinnacle of stop motion as a realistic VFX technique. It had never been done better, and now probably never will be. Because built right into Cain, in its earliest, crudest form, was the technology that would effectively end stop-motion as a VFX tool just a couple of years later. Nobody knew it at the time, but RoboCop 2 was a turning point in VFX, with its past and its future combined into a single character.”

The Story of ‘Sandstorm’ by Darude

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